Signed and numbered, limited edition Giclée prints

Bryn Coed Oak

4 seasons of a magnificent old oak tree, believed to have been planted by William Penn.

9" x 36"

$180 unframed


Don't Quit Your Day Job

Delightful smiling piggy appears to be laughing at his pal who is apparently quite a crooner.

15" x 19 "

$100 unframed


Winter Oak

Striking winter image of Bryn Coed Oak above. Arboreal perfection.

15 1/2 " x 18 3/4"

$100 unframed


Stock or Custom Holiday Greeting or Note Cards


"May your days be merry & bright"

"Wishing you were wearing this instead of me"


"Be Festive, Be Happy, Be Well"



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